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Medical Imaging Diagnostic Services to include:


  • All gynecological examinations
  • Follicle monitoring for fertility treatment
  • Diagnostic obstetrical first, second, and third trimester
  • Elective 3D, 4D, and “5D” obstetrical scans with 3D printing options and additional merchandise available
  • All abdominal examinations including liver density evaluations
  • Soft tissue, thyroid, and non-vascular extremity
  • Vascular examinations, including carotid, abdominal vascular and all extremity arterial and vascular examinations
  • Musculoskeletal examinations of joints and muscles
  • Automated breast ultrasound and targeted breast ultrasound


  • 3D tomosynthesis screening mammograms
  • 3D tomosynthesis diagnostic mammograms
  • Contrast enhanced spectral mammography

Diagnostic Procedures

  • Minimally invasive stereotactic breast biopsy
  • Ultrasound guided biopsies
  • Ultrasound guided aspirations