Do you have prior images?

It's a simple question but can make a world of difference when attending mammogram and ultrasound appointments.

Without your images from prior screenings and appointments, doctors are missing a key part of your medical history, often leading to additional x-rays, possible biopsies to check for malignant tissue, and potentially weeks of anxious waiting - a lot for a woman to go through unnecessarily.

Without prior images, doctors can misinterpret:

  • Benign, non-cancerous masses
  • Small calcifications
  • Questionable areas that can turn out to be cancers when re-examined later

In the above cases only prior images can reveal whether masses are unchanged or shrinking. Having prior images available enables doctors to spot actual cancers 30 percent earlier. In the U.S. alone, mammograms conducted without prior images for comparison lead to thousands of false-positives.

Mammography data shows that 25% of patients show up for mammogram screenings without prior images available, with that number increasing over time. The solution is very straightforward – get your prior images! Requesting your images in Cayman is a relatively straightforward process. Contact your previous imaging facility and ask for a CD with both reports and images on it. It’s important that you bring this CD to your appointment so that your radiologist can cross-reference both images, providing you with a more complete picture of your health.