Welcome to the OceanMed Blog

Making Waves in Women’s Healthcare

Welcome to the new blog from OceanMed, a new women’s clinic in the Cayman Islands. We are so excited to open our doors to the wonderful women of these islands and we can’t wait to start a conversation with you all on our blog!

Who are we?

OceanMed is the first medical outpatient facility in the Cayman Islands to focus exclusively on women’s health. We are different from other clinics. We reject the traditional approach which can often feel clinical and cold. We will show you that it doesn’t have to be this way.

We also believe that the environment around us can have a profound effect on our experiences. This is why we have designed our clinic to maximise the patient experience, introducing many of the concepts that are traditionally associated with a spa or sanctuary environment.


About our clinic

Our clinic facility features a relaxation room, comfortable robes, and our examination rooms are sensory simulation suites which have visuals, music, and aromas designed to stimulate the senses and relax patients. The purpose? To help shift the focus away from the examination or procedure toward more calming thoughts.  

Our clinic is run by a dedicated team of experienced and professional physicians and healthcare providers who are dedicated to creating a place of safety and trust for our female clients.

Patients will also have access to the most cutting-edge technology available on the Islands. We have some of the most advanced breast screening technologies and we use techniques not available anywhere in the Cayman Islands, such as prone biopsy techniques.

A holistic approach

We care about your health, but we also care about your wellbeing. We care about your stress levels, the quality of your sleep, what you eat and your exercise regimen. We want you to feel at your very best and we want to help you get there. So we will be covering all of this and much more. You will be able to download information on all kinds of things, like screening advice for different age groups and ways to stay happy and healthy during pregnancy.

We want this blog to be your go-to source of information for everything relating to your health and happiness here in the Cayman Islands.