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OceanMed has fulltime on-site Obstetrician/ Gynecologists who can provide services during all stages of a woman’s life.

Our physician services include:

  • General Gynecological Care
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum
  • Contraception & Family Planning
  • Urinary Incontinence Evaluation & Treatments
  • Pelvic and Uterine Prolapse Evaluation & Treatment
  • Menopause Management
  • Menstrual Conditions
  • Infertility Evaluation & Treatment
  • Adolescent Health
  • Cancer Screening & Testing


OceanMed works with radiologists specializing in breast health

Patients can be referred to OceanMed by other medical facilities and clinics for medical imaging. OceanMed works with radiologists specializing in breast health. Patients are able to receive their tests in a serene and calming environment, in multi-sensory treatment rooms lessening their anxieties. Patients can relax in our patient lounge while they wait for their appointment.


OceanMed uses the most advanced medical imaging equipment in women’s health, offering a wide range of services to help bridge the gap in women’s healthcare and diagnostics in the Cayman Islands. Our equipment includes:

  • GE Voluson E10
  • GE Invenia ABUS
  • GE Senographe Pristina 3D Mammography with Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography
  • Hologic Affirm Prone Breast Biopsy System


OceanMed is equipped with the most-advanced technology and techniques that are not offered anywhere else in the Cayman Islands. OceanMed works with Radiologist specialists to ensure that patients who come in for medical imaging receive their results as quickly as possible.

Our technology coupled with our multi-sensory rooms allows patients to have the calmest, as minimally invasive as possible medical experience.


OceanMed’s Team Delivers the Highest Standards of Healthcare

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OceanMed is located in central George Town with stunning ocean front views and designed to promote comfort and relaxation. OceanMed is equipped with a patient lounge for women to relax and calm anxieties prior to diagnostic procedures, as well as sensory exam suites with calming visuals, music, and aromatherapy. It is designed to shift the traditional sterile clinic environment to a supportive and serene atmosphere.