The OceanMed approach to healthcare

Fusing medicine with a spa environment 

We combine excellence in healthcare with an environment designed to make you feel at ease. You won’t find hard plastic chairs, bland décor, or examination rooms that feel cold and clinical.

OceanMed is unlike any medical facility you will have visited before.

Why not? Because we have taken the care to design our facility with your wellbeing in mind.

We understand that a trip to the clinic can be an unsettling experience and that the external environment can compound any feelings of anxiety. You might have had an unpleasant experience in a clinic or hospital before and the very sight, sound and smell can take you straight back to that moment.

That is why we do things differently.


Our clinic

Our clinic is located in George Town, overlooking the harbor front and sparkling turquoise water. On arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly, experienced and professional team of physicians and support staff. You can relax in our beautiful waiting room or will be taken through to a private patient lounge where you can change into comfortable robes and take some time before your appointment. When you enter our examination rooms you will see how unlike traditional clinics they are. We have designed our rooms as sensory suites with calming music, visuals and aromas designed to stimulate the senses and shift your focus to more calming thoughts.

Our entire approach at OceanMed is to create an environment of comfort, privacy, and confidence in your healthcare.

Our technology

We are equally committed to the quality of care that we provide. OceanMed offers services using technology and procedures that cannot be found at any other facility on-island.

Our Contrast Enhanced mammography technology offers superior imaging compared to traditional digital mammography and can provide our clinicians with the same high-quality diagnostic characteristics as Breast MRI yet does so in a matter of minutes. We also have an Automated Breast Ultrasound System (ABUS) that can supplement mammography to acquire more detailed images or be used in women younger than 40 to minimize exposure to radiation. This allows us to offer our patients a cost-effective alternative to MRI and reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies by providing greater specificity and sensitivity in our images.

We also offer a patient-controlled compression device that allows women to control elements of their mammogram. Four in five women said that the device made the examination more comfortable and more than half said it reduced feelings of anxiety and nervousness.

These are the kinds of technologies and techniques that you can only find at OceanMed.

Our care providers

We have an amazing team at OceanMed. With female gynecologists in short supply on-island, we are delighted to have a full time on-site female OBGYN who can provide our patients with a range of obstetric and gynecological services in a safe and caring environment. Our clinicians are experts in their fields and have worked across the globe specializing in common female issues such as pelvic floor issues, breast health, infertility treatments and all pre- and post-natal care.

Our expert radiologist will be on hand to perform and interpret diagnostic imaging results immediately, meaning our patients will never have to go home and wait for results. We will also be able to provide a short turnaround time for biopsy results provided by our accredited partner laboratories.

Test results will always be explained to patients by a caring and knowledgeable physician to enhance understanding. Throughout the whole process, patients will be in the care of our healthcare coordinator who is there to assist with anything they may need and will have access to a personal patient portal where all information, appointment times and results are stored.

Our support

Finally, our services come with the support of our team. We take the time to talk to you about the physical and emotional side of your journey and we can arrange for further support should you need it. That is because we take a holistic view of your health and wellbeing, going the extra mile to ensure that you feel your very best in every way.

Every detail of our facility and our services have been meticulously thought out and designed for women, by women. We look forward to being there for the women of our community and offering a superior care experience.