Why Do I Need a Pediatrician?

A pediatrician is a specialist doctor who focuses on the health of infants, children and adolescents. Pediatric care starts at birth and continues to age eighteen.

Pediatricians prevent, detect and manage physical, behavioral and developmental issues that affect children. A child will have routine wellness visits, particularly in the first few years to monitor growth, nutrition and development, to provide immunizations, and offer guidance. A pediatrician will also manage all childhood acute illnesses.

Into the teen years, regular wellness checks are also important. Teenagers go through many life changes, especially with their health. From physical changes like puberty, to mental health and social development, these critical years shape teens into young adults. It is the time for adolescents to lay a good foundation for their health, but they need the right information and health services that are appropriate and effective for their age.

Choosing a pediatrician is an important decision. When meeting with a pediatrician there is much to consider, not just with education and experience, but accessibility, personality, and sense of ‘fit’ with your family. Trust is key to working with your pediatrician to ensure you are confident in the care you receive.


At OceanMed, our Consultant Pediatrician, Dr. Zanele Balang offers preventative wellness visits, sick visits and acute care for her patients.

Pediatric care at OceanMed involves a team focused outlook headed by Dr. Balang. Whether the nursing, imaging, or administrative teams, we work closely together to provide a quality of service we are proud of. Having on-site ultrasound allows Dr. Balang to work in tandem with the radiographers, allowing imaging studies to be specific to her patient’s needs. Dr. Balang also works closely with other specialists on-island to ensure that the best quality of care is available to our patients.

You can be assured that your child’s health is our priority. Acute illness can affect a child at any time, so Dr. Balang also provides emergency care for her patients outside of her normal office hours.

OceanMed provides our patients with accessible and compassionate health care, in a comfortable and serene atmosphere within our central George Town location, that has plenty of parking.