Dr. Diana Van Der Borden


Dr. Diana, OceanMed’s Medical Director, graduated from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and trained in OBGYN in major teaching hospitals across the Netherlands. She was made consultant and was appointed clinic lead of the Gynecology Department and Maternity Ward, and then Medical Director. Between 2015 and 2018 Diana worked in the UK where she dedicated her time to updating and developing clinical guidelines and setting up the EPAU (Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit) clinic. She continued her work in Abu Dhabi over the past year developing guidelines, initiating risk-management strategies, and performing her clinical duties.

Some of Diana’s core competencies include hysteroscopy management of lesions and endometrial lining, hormonal disturbances and menstrual irregularities, colposcopy, infertility and recurring miscarriages, high-risk pregnancies, female genital prolapse, and vaginal and caesarean delivery.

Diana is multilingual (she speaks English, Dutch, German, and some French) and she calls herself a methodical organizer. Diana has a fantastic sense of humour and makes everyone around her laugh!